Websites with Information about Working with Argentium Silver

Working with Argentium is different to working with traditional Sterling. We STRONGLY advise a little study to learn more about this amazing silver alloy.  In particular, please view the video about Argentium Techniques - Quenching Argentium,

VIDEOS with information about  Argentium to get you started.



Argentium Techniques - Quenching Argentium.  Run time: 1.40


A little add-on to the video above.
Rhona Coryell – Quenching Tip for Argentium  Run time: .59


Fusing Argentium.   Run time: 3.19


Kernowcraft Rocks & Gems Ltd
When and how to Use a Thermal Barrier when Fusing Argentium.   Run time: 1.57


After Making something


Heat Precipitation Hardening of Argentium Silver.  Run time: 1.25


General Info -
Argentium – The Finest Silver..  Run time: 3.36


Below are a few WEB PAGES we've found that are very informative -

Topics -
7+ Expert Tips for Making Jewellery with Argentium Sterling Silver Wire

  1. When You Anneal,

  2. Make Granules,

  3. Fuse It,

  4. Multiple Operations,

  5. Polishing,

  6. Hardening Is a Good Idea,

  7. In the Pickle,

Argentium Troubleshooting Tips,

Learn More About Using This Silver (Links to sites with more info)


Topics -

Annealing, Quenching, Hardening, Pickling, Soldering, Fusing, Granulation, Combining with Gold, Balling Wire, Setting stones, Enamelling, Etching, Reticulation, Finishing and Tarnish Resistance, Antiquing & Patinas, Hallmarking & Trademarks, Reclaiming scrap, Which Metal Is Which? FAQ: Germanium


Topics -

What is special about Argentium.

Firescale in Sterling explained.

How to tell if a piece of metal is Sterling or Argentium.

Important things to know about Argentium Silver.


Argentium is the silver that Sterling wanted to be.


Are you ready to start working with Argentium? Click here for our list.



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