Welcome to Ashworths

Ashworths was founded in 1948 in Ayr by the present owner’s grandfather to sell kitchenware and gifts. Jewellery and watches were added to the range a couple of years later. The gem-cutting and jewellery making supplies were introduced in the 1960’s and have progressively expanded as the hobby has changed. Tourism was becoming a big part of our business and talk of a bypass road had us worried, and we were running out of space.  In 1971, a site became available in Home Hill. We moved into our new building and current site in 1972.

A building extension in 1984 made space for the Treasures of the Earth Gallery - a display of... well... the astounding treasures that come from the earth.

This is our latest site and expansion - our website. I doubt that we will ever get all of the Jewellery Department online but you will have to come to our shop to see the Treasures of the Earth so, while you are here, see the Jewellery Department too. The Gem Cutting and Jewellery Making Supplies form the biggest part of our site. We’ve sold these supplies by mail order for decades. Enquires, suggestions, or if we can be of service, please contact us.