Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is  an alloy of 92.5% Silver and usually 7.5% copper.
The copper is needed to add desirable features to the alloy, but the copper is the main cause of tarnish and firescale when soldering.  A new modern alloy is now available - Argentium Silver. There are a number of grades of Argentium - 93.5% silver to 96% silver. They all contain a small amount of germanium, which changes the alloy into an amazing product.
We plan to phase out our stocks of Sterling unless we get a lot of requests for it.  In its place, we will be stocking Argentium Silver . It is less than 10% higher in price, but has so many better features.

2.  So that you can order in fractions of a metre, we have to price the wires by the centimetre and orders have to be in centimetres.  If you order 1.5 metres of a wire (150cm), the shopping cart will show you have 150 items in your cart. You will find this surprising and weird, but, sorry, this is the way this program works.

SOME of the products on this page are HALF-HARD - suitable for making items by solderless wire wrapping.
Postage on these products starts at $2.40.  Most orders should send for less than $11.00.

See the "Findings" page for jump rings, bolt rings, parrot clasps, earwires.
See Fine 999 Silver, Argentium Silver and 14/20 Gold-Filled for more metal supplies.