MK-303 Diamond Saw Blade 24" x .100

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Diameter: 609mm,  24"
Core thickness: 2.0mm,  0.079"
Cutting rim: 2.54mm,  0.100"
Arbor: 25.4mm,  1"

Recommended speed:  720 - 960 RPM
(Surface Feet Per Minute 4500 - 6000)

The MK-303 Professional grade diamond blade has been designed for cutting rare and valuable materials (i.e. agate, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, jade, etc) when waste needs to be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential. The MK-303 produces smoother cuts, lasts longer and cuts faster than notched rim or plated diamond blades. Designed for use with a water soluble coolant. This blade has a segmented rim.

MK-303 diamond blades should be dried and
treated with an anti-rust lubricant for storage purposes.

Diamond Blade Troubleshooting - The MK-303 has generally been a trouble-free blade, but if you have troubles, MK has this troubleshooting page -

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